Sylvia Gail Pitre

I have been providing quality childcare in my home since 1990. The first 5 years of which was unlicensed. In 1995  I  completed an E.C.E Family Daycare Course, the first floor of our home was renovated into a Daycare and I became Licensed. I hold a current Child Safe First Aid /C.P.R. Certificate.

My hobbies are yoga, hiking, snowshoeing, reading and walks down to the beach with our dogs. I am currently involved in both a Book Club as well as a Yoga group. In 2016 I up graded my ECEA with a course from Northern Lights College.





Children learn through their play. Given the right tools helps them explore and discover the world around them.


When you ask me what I've done at Daycare today, and I say, "I was just playing" 




Kimmy Pitre has been working in the child care field since 2010 when she started her career at Peachtree Daycare. She then earned her BC Early Childhood Educator Certificate from Vancouver Career College in 2013. Kimmy worked at CEFA Early Learning Daycare as a pre-school teacher for a couple of years before returning to Peachtree in 2015.  Kimmy believes the early years of a child's life are the most important for their development. In an in home daycare setting, young children are able to build important social skills as well as basic self-help skills to prepare them for elementary school. 




Within walking distance of

South Meridian Elementary

Peace Arch Elementary

Peachtree Daycare

Licensed Multi-Age Daycare in White Rock /  South Surrey


 I have been volunteering at the Peace Arch Hospital Extended Care Pavilions doing pet therapy since 2001. My families are welcome to join me at anytime and they have enjoyed doing so on a number of occasions.

I have also been involved in the White Rock Parent Participation Pre-School  with all three of our children. I have been a Brownie & Pathfinder Leader and have been a Team Mom on both our sons baseball and hockey teams.


When I am just painting. I am learning about colours, expressing myself and being creative.


You as a parent have the responsibility to allow your children to learn through play