Pets and Friends

I have a number of companion animals in my home. I feel very strongly about the importance of children learning to help look after a living creatures. The children will assist me socializing the rabbits so that the animals will one day make great pets for other families. The children will learn how to be gentle, patient and calm, qualities that are very important for children to possess. We have outside towels that the children put on their laps to hold the animal on and we wash our hands after handling the animals.


Birthdays are very important to children and we will celebrate them on the day or as close to the day as possible. The birthday child brings cupcakes that have been prepared with Mom/Dad, we will be icing and decorating the cupcakes at snack time. The child will make a Birthday Crown and receive a birthday gift. The other children will be making a wonderful keepsake Birthday card with their names and a special picture.

Special Helper

Your child may bring one item for “show and tell” on the day that they are special helper. This may be something connected with our theme, or  something  special to them.  Your child will also be picking a friend on the special bench at snack and lunch time as well as help put out the plates and cups, do the weather chart and calendar at circle time, bring or pick a movie at quiet time.

Peachtree Daycare Special Events

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Music and Yoga

Children will learn the foundation of music through instruments, counting out rhythm and dance.

Stretching is always good for your body at any age.  We will do Silly to Calm Yoga for Children, with us starting out wild and crazy to quiet and calm.