The environment in my family daycare is warm, caring and friendly. The children will always be greeted with a smile. The rules I have are simple and easy to follow. Consistency is very important, this way the children know where they stand at all times. I treat the children with respect and in turn the children learn to respect their environment, the toys they use, each others belongings as well as each other.I believe that children develop their learning best through play, life experiences and group interaction. In my family daycare I strive to give the children this type of an environment.

Peachtree Daycare

Philosophy of Childcare

In my family daycare there is an adequate amount of space. I have child size tables, chairs and shelves. This ensures that the children may independently choose their own books, toys and drawing materials. Having the space allows the children to feel comfortable playing with others or have quiet time on their own. Schedules and routines are followed from day to day so the children feel secure in knowing what to expect.

I understand that each child is a unique individual. Knowing this, I can offer them effective and appropriate guidance to fit in with their own unique style.

I encourage children to talk to one another about their feelings. If a child has a problem with another child, I encourage them to describe the situation. I use the time out method of 1 min. per year of child. If the children are having a problem sharing, we will put the timer on for a few minutes. When the timer goes off it is the other child’s turn.

I do not use any forms of physical acts of punishment. I feel very strongly in treating children with respect and to build upon their self-esteem.  

If any problems or difficulties arise I will discuss them with you when they happen. Clear and open communication is the key to a happy, healthy relationship between myself and parents.